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Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA)

Purpose of this programme is to equip students to recognise the health needs of the community, to competently handle medical problems and to be aware of the recent advances in the field.

The PG Diploma student will acquire basic skills in teaching of medical / paramedical students. The student is also expected to know the principles of research methodology and modes of consulting library.

Programme Objectives:

At the end of Post graduate training the student will be able to –

  • Practice the speciality ethically.
  • Demonstrate sufficient understanding of basic sciences and clinical sciences related to the field of specialisation.
  • Diagnose, demonstrate and perform perianaesthetic management of various surgical procedures, pain management and various clinical scenarios.
  • Plan and devise measures for the prevention and rehabilitation of patients.
  • Play the assigned role in the implementation of National Health Programmes.
  • Develop good teaching and training skills.