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M.Sc.(Medical Biochemistry)

M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry or Master of Science in medical biochemistry is a post graduate biochemistry course. Medical biochemistry is concerned with the chemistry of biological processes and deals with the chemical combinations and reactions that take place in the biological process like heredity, reproduction, metabolism, growth, etc along with the effect of environment on the living organisms. Medical biochemistry is something that links to the subjects of biochemistry and medicine. The focus during the training programme will be to equip the candidate with adequate skills and also to be productive in promoting the professional career in research or to the PhD

Programme Objectives:

At the end of the course a post graduate student in Physiology should be able to-

  • Teaching and working in the field of medical biochemistry with understanding of both theory and laboratory practice
  • Understand the procedures used to set up, assess and maintain the quality of laboratory analysis
  • Understand the physiological and pathological process affecting biochemical investigations
  • Understand the uses of clinical biochemistry results in the diagnosis and management of common medical disorders
  • Appropriately putting knowledge of biochemistry into use in an enhancement or applications, especially in the field of medicine and public health