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Career Opportunities after MD Physiology

MD Physiology is a postgraduate course in which the student will learn the basics of human physiology, will learn how to deliver a proper lecture and all the hematology and human practical with emphasis on techniques like ECG, EMG, NCV,BERA,SPIROMETRY,TREADMILL TESTING, BP RECORDING to name a few which will help him to understand medicine better. Also a postgraduate student will know how to formulate a research question, design a study and write a thesis along with the steps required to publish research articles.

After completion of the course the various opportunities for the students are:

1. Join as a Senior Demonstrator in a medical/Dental College
2. Join as an Assistant Professor in a Medical/Dental College
3. Join as a Clinical neurophysiologist in a laboratory where techniques like EEG, EMG, BERA, NCV and Evoked potentials are done
4. Join as an electro-physiologist in a laboratory where techniques like ECG, HRV, Autonomic function testing, Treadmill testing and BMR are done to name a few.
5. Join as a clinical physiologist in Sleep laboratory for sleep studies
6. Join as a endocrinologist for Diabetes studies in laboratory
7. Join as a PhD candidate in universities in India and Abroad
8. Join as a teaching faculty in private postgraduate coaching centers like DAMS etc
9. Join as a medical advisor for medical equipment company in India and abroad.

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