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M.S. Ophthalmology

Course Description

This programme aims to standardize Ophthalmology teaching at Post Graduate level so that it helps in achieving uniformity in undergraduate teaching as well as and resultantly creating competent Ophthalmology surgeons with appropriate expertise.

Programme Objectives:

A candidate qualifying in the M.S. (Ophthalmology) examinations should be able to:

  • Offer the current quality of ‘standard of care’ in ophthalmic diagnosis and therapeutics, medical or surgical, in common and easily managed situations at the level of health service
  • Periodically self assess his/her performance and keep abreast with the ongoing advances in the field and apply the same in his/her practices
  • Be aware of his/her own limitations to the application of its speciality in situations referral to more qualified centres or individuals
  • Apply research and epidemiological methods during his/her practice and present or publish his/her work
  • Contribute as an individual/group towards the fulfilment of national objectives for prevention of blindness
  • Effectively communicate with patients and their relatives so as to inform them sufficiently about the treatment and ensure compliance